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Full-size Wheelchair Accessible Vans
Full-size wheelchair vans from VMI are loaded with important benefits like safety, convenience and value. But these accessible van conversions also deliver something more; the ability to get you where you want to go, whenever you want to get there. Whether you choose a 6" center cut lowered floor or a full-dropped lowered floor, raised roof or raised door options, you can be assured you will have the best accessible full-size handicap van on the road today. Watch a video demonstration of our full-size wheelchair vans.

Full Size Wheelchair Van Conversion Interiors

Whether looking for an affordable full-size van conversion or a luxurious interior package, VMI has full-size handicap van interiors that meet your taste and disability needs. VMI has interiors that include the basics all the way up to leather and flat screen TV's.

Accessible Full Size Van Structural Modifications

A raised roof, a raised door, or a combination of the two can make all the difference in wheelchair access in a full-size van. VMI offers these as well as lowered floors to create an amazing amount of entrance height in our full-size mobility vans.