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VMI Club Full-size

Club Interior

The VMI Club conversion interior is the most affordable of all our full-size mobility vans. The club works great for cost-conscious customers who, above all, seek a wheelchair friendly vehicle.

Even though the VMI Club carries a lower price tag, many key features are retained. Like all our other full-size handicap accessible vans, any Ricon or Fiorella wheelchair lift can be installed.
VMI Club handicap vans have the perfect blend of wheelchair access and functional interior. There are also a bunch of options that are available to personalize the disabled access for individual needs.

Wheelchair lift options include the Clearway, UNI-lite, Slide Away, Ricon Reliant, or Klearvue mobility lifts, as well as the exciting Fiorella F500.

Structural changes can also be done to increase disability access. A raised door, 6" center cut lowered floor, 6" full cut lowered floor, or raised roof are all options to increase the mobility conversion van entry height.