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Anyone can promise great service and a variety of offerings but AutoCrafting truly delivers. With the proven ability to deliver vehicles on time to remote locations, or cross country, we already meet the expectations of our current national customers. Our ability to utilize the entire marketplace of products can provide Our customers with the best product for each stage of your build specification. Whichever products you need: ladder racks, interior cabinets, partitions, warning lights, power inverters or GPS, it doesn't matter the brand we will help you choose the correct products to make Our customers and your technicians most efficient. We also have resources available to design, and produce tailored cabinets and shelving.

Not only do we offer a large extent of products currently available or made to order but the flexibility to meet, on demand needs. For example if you have a costly repair on a van that’s about to be taken out of service, or secure a large new client and need an influx of vehicles to that location by the next week? Our ability to offer you mid stream customization is strong and tested. Although it disrupts the operation we believe this is a confident way to show you exceptional service is at our core. Effective, timely and streamlined are what defines positive communication. Our customers will have key AutoCrafting employee’s who manage the project available directly for communication at all times. To further transparency and catalyze the effectiveness of our process, we operate and track progress through a document stored in drop box. Sharing this document with you allows you access to real time data showing vehicle progress, location and shipping status.

We are confident in our ability to partner with you to co create the service plan that our customers fleet requires.

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